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Test samples are prepared from all types of ferrous and non-ferrous materials including nickel base/high temperature alloys. Utilizing conventional and non-conventional equipment.

Wire EDM

CNC Turning

Precision Thread Grinding

In-house Inertia Welding
Surface and Cylindrical Grinding with Low Stress Capabilities
 Frequency Converters - Used to control surface feet per minute (S.F.P.M.) (note:  the photo below shows a Frequency Converter installed which Aero Prep uses on both the surface and cylindrical grinders)  
Automatic Axial/Longitudinal Polishing

Horizontal and Vertical Band Saw Cutting
Abrasive Cutting
CNC Milling

Although Aero Prep specializes in test sample preparation, we can also meet your general machining requirements.

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Specializing in mechanical test sample preparation
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